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Build A Mosque In This World - The Ultimate Ongoing Reward

wakaf masjid.jpg

For the ultimate in ongoing reward, be part of our “build a mosque each year” scheme. You’ll join with your brothers and sisters as a "mosque committee" to build a mosque for a community in Asia or Africa every year.

Reap the benefits of building a Masjid as part of a group. Contribute just $100 a month to The Mosque Project, and we’ll team you up with other supporters doing the same. Together you will build an entire mosque, and we will send you a full feedback report upon completion.

Help build a mosque for your ummah in need, donate from just $100 for a prayer space. A dedicated place to practice and share your faith is so important, but within Muslim communities in the developing world, they don’t always have this option. Contributing towards the building of a blessed Masjid ensures our brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa can share in that very same joy!

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