Ehsan Global Qurban - 2020

When a person slaughters a Qurban animal, he is forgiven at the fall of the first drop of blood, and verily, the animal shall be brought forward on the Day of Judgment with its blood, meat etc, and shall be increased in weight seventy times more than its own weight, and thereafter it will be placed on the scale of deeds. (Kanzul’Ummal)


Global Ehsan Services together with its International partners, performs Qurban worldwide and we will make sure your sacrifice is done in the appropriate Islamic way and at the right time. We only use the healthiest qurban animals (sheep, goat, cow, camels) and will deliver the fresh meat straight to those who need it the most.

As well as delivering in towns and cities, we also provide Qurban in remote, rural areas that some charities find hard to reach, where communities hardly ever receive support. It may cost us a little more, but we hope you will agree that it's the poorest and most vulnerable people women, children, the elderly, and refugees of war and disaster who are always our priority. A single Qurban donation makes up many packages that can feed as many as seven people!

Our Various Qurban Packages:​


The local and fresh qurban is sacrificed in the local village or community, then instantly distributed among the poor and needy. The beneficiaries are able to enjoy fresh meat providing them with a healthy and nourishing option.

  1. Live stock is purchased locally  

  2. Fresh meat is enjoyed on Eid day   

  3. Supports local farmers   

  4. The needy community also benefits from non-meat products of the qurban like skin & wool   


Price includes sourcing animals, sacrificing, bagging and distribution in the 30 countries we are working in.


Countries : Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Cameroon, CAR,  India, Malawi, Myanmar, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Syrian refugees, Gambia, Palestine/Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Kashmir, Rohingya Refugees


Make a difference with your Qurbani this year - perform your sacrifice in the countries listed below for goat/cattle qurban and help your brothers and sister in need. We are giving you the opportunity to provide Qurbani meat to the neediest communities in Asia, Africa & M.East

Your Qurban donation ensures people around the world can share in the joy and remembrance of Eid al Adha, and for some, is the only meat they’ll eat in a year.

Our Qurban Price List For 2020

Qurban Orders For 2020 Are Closed

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